Hi, right now i'm able to deploy a Windows XP on partition 1 on my pc with the zenagent install automatically and silently. This part is working great. My problem is that i also need to install on the same pc 2 or possibly 3 OS in total. I work for a public a school by the way. So is there some way to do this (including the installation of the apps needed for that partition) :

1- With PXE the PC get my universal image (sysprep).
2- Boot the first partition wich include the silent installation of the zen agent.
3- Reboot to the second partition and do his stuff.
4- Reboot to the third partition and do his stuff.

I hope i'm making any sens here!?!? In other words i'm trying to find a way to boot in the first partition, install everything i need. Reboot in the next partition automatically and do the same thing. Same thing with the third partition...

Thanks in advance for everything!