I had posted this in the "Small Business - 5x" forum but was advised to post it here....Thanks Marcel Cox.

I'm totally new to Novell and networks in general.

At work, we are using the Novell Small Business Suite 5.1, connected to 6pcs with WinXP. All was working well until we got a new PC, with Win Vista.
I've read a multitude of posts on this forum about the incompatibility of Vista with Novell so I know that it's a hard one to start with.

We installed the "Novell Client for Windows Vista". This new PC managed to connect to Internet, so hardware-wise it should be up to date. It can also PING correctly to the other PCs. However the PC cannot find the network Tree in any way, and thus I cannot manage to log in or see the other PCs on the network. Firewalls are disabled.

I've set all the PCs on the network to WORKGROUP rather than MSHOME as the XP automatically sets. But this wasn't a solution.
At first I was trying to check what the workgroup name on the server is but I didn't know where to start and Marcel doesn't think it is the problem.

Any ideas on how to solve this?