This old problem has reared it's fearsome visage again. With our pure 10.0.3 (built from DVD media, not updated) we're seeing most of our agents (installed as a part of the imaging process) show up with bad message tags on the Zicon. This is an old problem, very similar to TID 3017377, except the bad tags are on the Zicon menu itself (right click the icon in the tray) and not on the status page.

It was supposedly fixed some time ago, and was working well for us, but now, for some reason, it's started again.

We deploy/install the agent with a custom stand-alone x86 installer package. We use ENGL toolkit 5 (wait before hitting reply and telling me that Toolkit 5 doesn't support 10.0.3, I know). The agent installation does not occur as part of the ENGL managed build, as that doesn't work now. It is installed right before the final reboot via a VBS script which calls the package with the -X command. Was working just fine. Now it's showing the Zicon tag issue again. When this happens, by way for more information, the Uninstaller wizard shows the same bad message tags. Zman and the status screen don't show them fully.

I've tried to figure out what changed, but for the life of me, I can't.

As an interesting data point, I can "fix" it by going to Control Panels -> Add/Remove Programs -> Click on .Net 2.0 and selecting the "Repair" option. After the package repairs itself, the icons are all better.

There doesn't seem to be any functional issues with the agent, it just shows bad message tags. It "Feels" like .Net isn't installing clean or that it's getting munged after reboot.

Any thoughts or ideas? I hate to leave it the way it is as it looks wrong and will undermine confidence in the product.