I am migrating my 3.8 box to 3.9.

I have installed all plugins into imanager 2.7. I have just installed BM 3.9
sp1, although this problem started before this. SP1 however has not fixed it.

My migration log states:

Error load start Proxy and ACL Configuration Migration
Error loading FILTSRV migrate

I have since tried to use FILTSRV post migration with little luck. The
following errors are produced:

unable to connect to server<serverip>636(91) Connection error

java.net.excemption.connection refused at com.novell.ldap.connection (unknown

migration not completed successfully.

Within imanager i cannot look at the proxy and access rules part. It tells me
I have either selected the wrong object or migration was not done properly.
(Please run fillattr manually)

To be honest I'm not really sure i want my settings migrated, but how do I get
past this stage. I'm curious what the heck it wants from me.

I assume I run fillattr from the BM server and specift itself by ipaddress
during the command.

Any assistance appreciated.