I am trying to migrate to ZEN Desktop Management on a linux server and have successfully installed SLES, OES2, and ZEN Desktop Management on the server. I am in the process of setting up the databases and policies and keep finding that my novell-zdm-inv keeps crashing. I have checked my novell-zdm-inv.log and keep getting the line "Unable to connect to the database. Retrying..." and my zenworksinvservice-(bunch of numbers).log says the same thing.

The zeninvshares.log starts to give errors when it tries to dismount DictDir and ScanDir, where the log says each step of the way it unsuccessfully dismounts and removes the two directories, then it says it successfully creates the two directories, and finally fails in remounting them. When I checked the location /opt/novell/zenworks/inv/server/ only the DictDir folder is present.

I have tried uninstalling ZenWorks services from the server and deleted the ConsoleOne objects that were created so that they would get recreated when I reinstalled the services and am experiencing the same issue.

What else can I check in my configuration to see why I can't connect to this database?