We have quite a few HP LaserJet printers at my shop.
For the last year or so, all attempts to create driver profiles using IE 7, results in only the device settings such as the number of paper trays and the amount of memory being stored as part of the driver profiles. All the other settings like the rather handy quick settings for single sided, double sided, portrait, landscape printing is lost and nowhere to be found.
I guess I am not the only one experiencing this problem.

Can my problem be cured by tweaking some of the security settings in IE 7 or in the OS it self (XP, Vista)? Or is it caused by the newer HP drivers?

I will attempt later this afternoon to set up some printer driver profiles from IE 6 on a virtual XP SP3 to see if the problem is related to IE 7.

BTW, does anyone know where the HP drivers store the print settings once the drivers have been installed and configured on the client computers? I guess it must be well hidden deep inside the registry.