Okay, I setup my first "test" OES2 Linux server with the intention of
running/mounting NSS volumes on it.

However, I let the setup do the LVM instead of EVMS for the root/boot

I see the docs that tell me how to go about converting from LVM to EVMS

I also see the issues here and found the TID about obtaining the updated
EVMS module/code.


1) If I have one "device" (let's say one large RAID5 "drive" defined by
the RAID controller), and I want to mount/use NSS on that as well, that
would mean I would need EVMS to manage my boot/root stuff,right? (it's
by the "drive" presented to the OS right, not the "partition"?) I guess
what I mean is that if I have one large "drive" and defined the layout
as this:

/ = primary partition of 9 GB
swap = primary partition of 4 GB

and let those be managed by LVM, I cannot "add" another partition and
have it be managed by EVMS, right? Unless the two previous partitions
were on a "device" (ie, I go into the RAID controller and make a 13 GB
"container/drive" and then also make another "container/drive" with the
remaining space)?

2) Are there any downsides to having ones root and stuff on EVMS? (we
don't make a /boot partition, just /,swap, and /var, and then the rest
for NSS). Like, if something happens, can I still boot from a Linux
CD/DVD or something and gain access to the partitions?