After several storms over the past few days (power outages), two of our Netware 6.5SP5 servers do not have Apache listening on port 80. We use it mainly for iPrint. Normally, I just restart all the Tomcat and Apache processes and that fixes the problem. On these two however, everything unloads (tcadmdn, tc4stop, admsrvdn) except for Apache2 (ap2webdn). When I unload Apache2, it hangs the system console screen. Rebooting the server completely does not fix the problem. PKIDiag returns no errors, there are no errors on the system console or logger screen when Apache2 loads, and there are no errors in the Apache2 error_log file. So, everything seems to load and run, but Apache2 is not listening on port 80 and will not unload through either ap2webdn or by manually unload apache2. Any ideas on what to check next? These servers have not been touched for months, so I am sure nothing in the config has changed. Of course, they are at remote sites, so it is difficult to troubleshoot.