Ok I know this is not the right place to ask such question, but since
I can't find a more suitable place to put it I might as well put it here and in the worst case I will be informed that it really was not the right place to post it.
In a better case someone that knows the answer might happen to see it and help me.

I'm searching for ways that win32 applications used to use ipx.
Preferably documentation, but examples are welcome too.
I don't know why but such information seems to be really scarse on the internet. (or I just don't know where to look)
What I want to do is create myself an ipx driver that will work under vista (since microsoft seems to have decided to remove theirs).
And to do that I need to find what interfaces the original driver exposed so that I can make my driver compatible.

I know that the ipx driver included in windows "nwlink ipx/spx/netbios compatible protocol" is microsoft's and not novell's, but since i couldn't get any usefull information from their forums I thought of trying here.
After all IPX is Novell's protocol.