I'm going through the "Migrating from NetWare to OES 2" doc, prepared
for "Novell OES 2 User Community".

I have a bunch of questions:

On page 4, it states that DNS and DHCP are not eDirectory "integrated".
I could've sworn at Brainshare that OES 2 Linux did add that ability.
Or am I imagining things?

On page 50 of that same document, it states that Multipath I/O is not
supported on Linux and that "The devices used by NSS pools can take
advantage of multiple path I/O support ONLY when they are assigned to a
NetWare server."

I'm confused by that one. I thought that as of SP1 of SLES 10, that
multi I/O even from boot was supported?

Plus, does that mean that our dual Qlogic boards in our cluster are
essentially useless with OES 2 Linux because we can't have NSS do
multipath I/O and failover?

And, on the cool solutions community:


(this appears to be OES 1 Linux), the SSL certs are not pulled from
eDir? Is this still the case for OES 2 for Apache? I think I
remembered something in the OES 2 setup screen that said something about
SSL Certs from eDir.