Has anyone else had success with booting off a bootCD on the Dell D630?

I receive that "please insert CD1" message. I know the CD works - I've tested it in both VMware and on a Dell Optiplex 755 without issue. I've tried to use it on multiple dell d630's without success.

I've tried using the latest bootcd from download.novell.com. Also tried using the zen71usb.zip tool (but this appears to be configured for PXE by default - I don't want to use PXE). I've tried dropping my settings and custom scripts into both a new boot CD and the USB key and neither work on the D630.

I also edited the initrd file to include the broadcom driver (the whole newid thing), tg3, on the USB thumb drive. That also did not work.

I want to be connect into my imaging server and pull down the image onto the machine. Currently I'm using a line in my script similar to img rp //serveraddress/folders/image.zmg in order to throw down the image on my optiplex 755's.

Any ideas?