We are attempting to backup the GWS database (Windows Server, GMS 2.03) using the dobackup.cmd file. This batch file requires a login ID and password. We know the UIN but it we do not know the password (the failure log reports that either the login ID or password is incorrect). so I was considering changing the password.

Does anyone know if changing that password from within the Intellisync Admin Console will cause problems?

PS. I've attached a copy of the dobackup.cmd file just in case I have overlooked something. The password has been replaced with PASSWORD.

***************** beginning of dobackup.cmd
@REM --------------------------------------------------------------------------
@REM This file carries out the following tasks:
@REM 1) Validate the Pylon Anywhere system database and create a log file
@REM 2) Make a backup of the Pylon Anywhere system database
@REM See the Pylon Anywhere documentation for more details.
@REM --------------------------------------------------------------------------


@IF EXIST .\log\dbvalid.log DEL .\log\dbvalid.log
@IF EXIST .\log\dbbackup.log DEL .\log\dbbackup.log
@IF NOT EXIST .\log MKDIR .\log
@IF NOT EXIST .\backup MKDIR .\backup

@echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------
@echo 1) Calling DBValid.exe to validate the Intellisync Suite system database
dbvalid.exe -c "DSN=IntellisyncSuite;UID=dba;pwd=PASSWORD;AUTOSTO P=OFF" -f -o .\log\dbvalid.log

@if errorlevel==0 GOTO validatesuccess

@echo The database was invalid. Please see .\log\dbvalid.log for more details.
@echo The Pylon Anywhere system database was not backed up.
@GOTO done

@echo 2) Calling DBBackup.exe to backup the Intellisync Suite system database
dbbackup.exe -x -y -o .\log\dbbackup.log -c "DSN=IntellisyncSuite;UID=dba;pwd=PASSWORD;AUTOSTO P=OFF" .\backup

@echo 3) The Pylon Anywhere database backup process is now complete.
@echo Please check .\log\dbbackup.log for details.


@echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------


***************** end of dobackup.cmd