first off, thank you Novell for speeding up our logins/logouts with the patch.

We are noticing Novell ZENworks Agent Service craches: Faulting application zenworkswindowsservice.exe, version, stamp 482c092d, faulting module mscorwks.dll, version 2.0.50727.832, stamp 461f2e2a, debug? 0, fault address 0x000084d4.

Another error randomly occuring: Category: ActionManager
ActionMan.ActionContinueOnFailure: The action grouppolicy (ID:grouppolicy) failed, but the action set is set to continue on failure.

Category: grouppolicy
POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.UnknownError: An unknown error occurred while configuring policy settings.

Would be nice if you could fix grouppolicys so that they would apply everytime and not failing randomly :(