How to set up the RAID in NSSMU?

I have HP ML350G5 server with 2 logical drives.

HPSmart Array E200i controller.
Logical Drive#1 RAID 1&0 70GB
Logical Drive#2 RAID 5 600GB

Netware 6.5SP7 has just installed in this new server. When Create new RAID
in NSSMU, I choose RAID5 and it only found Drive#2 and asked for segment
size and stripped size. Because Drive#1 is RAID1&0, I obviously choose
RAID1 for this drive.

How can I set up so that the pool can be aggregated into one logical pool
for both Drives with the space totally 31GB having been allocated to DOS
partition and SYS volume?

During the new netware installation, I have used part of the Drive#1 free
space for DOS partition and SYS volume.

What segment size and stripped size should I set in the RAID5 set up and
RAID1&0 set up? Should I set 600GB in RAID5 setup details and 70GB or 39
GB( ie. 70GB-31GB for DOS and SYS) in RAID1&0 setup details?