Hello, i have following problem: my clustered Bordermanager node A
with NW65sp6 and BM39 and node B with nw65sp7 and BM39sp1

we can not change the BorderManager Proxy Configuration and Access Rules
on node B (iManager 2.7 from node B and two other Server 2.6/2.7)

with this iManager we can change on node A with no problem.

Is here a lock on the config from node B? the iManager did not show "locked
from .... "
the logger screen from node B shows:
Appname before config check
Appname In is config locked
Appname after is config locked
Appname after config locked
Appname after config pending check

the iManager can only refresh and close the proxy config and access rules pages

please can anyone help me

what was changed:
we activated nsure audit logging on node B for netware, edirectory and bordermanager. the server has abends without abendlogs, after
this change. we found out, that every ftp proxy access crash the server,
(nsure audit logging=on, vpn services=on and ftp proxy access abended
the server), we disabled the nsure audit logging option in proxy.cfg
and now we can not change the configuration with iManager!

thanks Ingo