I installed ZCM 10.0.3, but I think I messed up on the certificates
portion. I exported the Public Root certificate from my CA, but
apparently, it doesn't like that.

I've tried the steps from:


and replaced the certificates with the rootcert.der from one of my
Novell servers, and my workstations are registering now...however I
can't authenticate to the Zen client. It keeps telling me that it's
"unable to log in into the network because the login credentials or the
server certificates is incorrect."

I know my credentials are fine because I used the same credentials to
get into the ZCM portal. Even using the administrator account and
password yields the same error.

So I'm guessing I really mucked up my certificates and would like to
remove and reinstall ZCM w/o having to rebuild the SLES 10 server.

How does one go about doing this? Thanks in advance.