I've just installed a SLES 10 server with OES2 and ZDM 7 SP1 ir2 and would like to also install GWMobile 203, but am running in to a problem. When I run the installer for GWMobile it goes through the entire process and seems to start hanging at Creating DB Tables in the installation step. The scroll bar continues to run like it is working, but it is taking well longer than it should to install.

While I was in the testing phase before I wanted to install everything in production, I ran in to a similar problem which I wasn't able to resolve at the time, but in a server reinstallation, I installed GWMobile immediately after the initial OS installation, and it was up and running in a few minutes.

Are there compatibility issues with running GWMobile and OES2 on the same server, or where are some logs that I should check or alternate configurations to try. Thanks!