We recently added an HP Color LJ 3505dn printer for a particular department.
This department also has an HP LJ 1320n.

iPrint was working fine with the LJ1320, and we have another LJ3505 in use
in a different department with no problems.

The problem is that when both printers are installed, they work fine, until
a reboot. After the reboot, the LJ3505 won't print; instead the LJ1320
prints the job! Also, the printer properties show those of the LJ1320.

What I've tried:
* Remove/Reinstall iPrint client
* Remove/Reinstall iPrint client, upgrade to latest version
* Remove/Reinstall printer object (using iManager)

All of these resolve the problem, until the PC is rebooted.

I also removed the iPrint policies in place in ZENworks, to eliminate this
as a possible source of the problem.

Straight IP printing (adding the printer as a std TCP/IP port) works fine
for both printers.

To recap:
* We have several LJ1320 printers in use with no problems
* LJ1320 still works fine
* LJ3505 printers are in use in other departments, with no issues
* No ZEN policies in place for this department
* R/R iPrint client & printers fixes the problem until PC is rebooted
* LJ3505 assumes the properties of LJ1320 after reboot
* IP printing works fine

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

- Kevin