Hi all.

We're shutting down our old NetWare 6 backup server, running Backup Exec
9.0. The two remaining servers to be backed up are NetWare 6.5.6. The
backups would include our GroupWise system and directory.

Is there a recommended backup solution? We have two HP Ultrium 215 drives,
but no SCSI ports on the new servers (Dell PowerEdge 2950's), so I will have
to add a card. We have no databases, and lots of small files, our backups
seldom work efficiently.

We could upgrade to the newest Backupexec for NetWare. We could also
migrate to BE 12 and backup the servers remotely. Would this work for the
directory tree as well?

Another option is cross-grading to CA Arcserve Backup.

I'm guessing SBCON not worth it?

Seth Longmire