I have been struggling with this for a long time on my own, and am at my wits end!

We have around 300 computers imaged with the same OS/software versions and having the same set of policies. All deployed using Zenworks 7 SP1 IR3. On almost all of them, after running without issue for a week or two, they will suddenly start failing to apply the DLU policies that we have in place. I have been tracking the Zenworks debug logs on these stations, and this is the first place that a working and non-working PC deviate.

In WMGrpPol.log:
- Working:
07/02/2008 14:28:30:812 Exiting WMHelperInitialization.  Returning flags: 0x11
[File ends here....]
- Not working:
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671 Exiting WMHelperInitialization.  Returning flags: 0x204
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671 WMHelperSystemEntryEx called!
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671   ProcessID: 1236
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671    Computer Object : CN=MSCOMPCLASSS4.OU=workstations.OU=zenworks.O=InfoSer
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671    User Object : 
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671    Entry Flags : 0x1000
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671    Event Flags : 0x1000
07/02/2008 15:52:29:671 Read reg. value User Logged In: 0x0 in key Software\Novell\Workstation Manager\Group Policies
[File ends here....]
I cannot figure out what these exit codes indicate! I have been unable to locate a TID or forum posting that addresses this issue, and really don't know where to go from here. Please help!

Ben Miller