OESNWsp7, edir 881 with Post 8.8 SP1 FTF2. Followed the docs, ran the
health checks, everything OK, so started the migration only to have it
fail on step 3. The destination server assumed the name of the old
server, but did not reboot and is showing a -723 error. MigWiz is

The NDS/eDir step-by-step migration 'Restore NDS/eDir' step has

In order to restore the servers to their original states:

Check NWCONFIG to determine if NDS/eDir has been completely restored
from the destination server.
Finish restoring NDS/eDir if it did not complete the task on its

Copy the following files to the destination server:
autoexec.mig to autoexec.ncf

The destination server reports that "directory services is already
removed" from nwconfig on the destination server. I'm not finding any
specific instructions in the wiki that deal with this in-between
state. I had this happen once before and manually rebooted the
destination server, it came up and I was able to get the DB
functioning but had to manually finish the autoexec.ncf changes and
clean up a few other issues. All DID clean up, however, and a
subsequent health check on the tree showed no problems or errors. But,
I don't feel like gambling this time.

This is one node of a cluster, being migrated to new hardware.

Would appreciate any help you can offer,