We have SLP distributed via DHCP, set as a global option on our many scopes.
After upgrading to ZEN7 the workstations suddenly have problems with getting SLP info. After sniffing some (ty Wireshark!) we found out that the clients don't seem to ask for SLP at all? This seems to be related to the ZENagent "upgrading" the NWGINA.DLL, allthough i'm not certain if this is the file doing the query or another. Renewing IP helps sometimes, but this is an occasional solution. New installed PC's seems to have this issue all the time.

We have NWClient 4.91pk3 ( version on NWGINA.DLL) on all our PC's, and after ZENagent upgrade the NWGINA is

I don't see any solution other than upgrading the novell client (again...), but not doing this happily since history here shows that close to ALL of our major problems is related to the novell client (various nwfs.sys issues amongst others). We are going towards getting rid of that **** client, but its a long walk sadly. I also work at a hospital, so big issues can be serious here.

Any input on this one?