I have User template maintains a link to the user objects not created with

In ConsoleOne, I can select a template, go to File, and then Properties of
Multiple Users. Any changes made to the template are propagated to all
user accounts created with that template.

I have user template which is a replacement template;the orginial one is

I change the property of the user template in ConsoleOne but those changes
in the user template do not synchronize with the properties of the user

How can the link can be re-maintained so that the multiple changes can be

My old server runs netware 6.5sp6 and edir 8.72 and new server runs netware
6.5sp7, edir 8.82 and imanager 2.7

My problem is :

I move users' home folders from old server to the new server.

In General tab, environment option of consoleone, I have to change the
homedirectory's server volume and path to the new server volume and new
path. I change the template respectively but they are not changed in the
users objects.

If it is impossible to re-maintain the link between the new user template
and the user objects, is there a more efficient way to do it? I have
hundreds of students objects, I hardly to change them one by one?

I would appreciate it if anyone would tell me a better way to resolve this

Wai Chu