Well, I downloaded Teaming SP3 this morning, placed my 'installer.xml' and my 'license-key.xml' files in the same directory as the 'liferay-installer.exe' file and began the install (following the instructions).

I did a "Basic" install, to keep all existing *(working)* settings on my Teaming SP1 server, and just upgrade to SP3.

Once installation told me it was finished, I brought up the Teaming URL and got a 404 not found error.

I had to roll back to SP1 (by deleting the entire 'icecore' directory, and then reinstalling without creating databases) to get Teaming back.

So, at first glance, Teaming SP3 breaks your Teaming server completely, making it unusable.

Why was this released at all if it doesn't even work?

I downloaded Conferencing SP1 as well, however, I will not be attempting an upgrade, because that is most likely going to break my Conferencing server.

Novell.....please advise, and please provide working Support Packs, or don't provide any at all.