Hello folks,

Yesterday one of the two scsi drives in my backup server was reporting errors but did not completely fail. I added a 3rd drive with enough space to mirror both of the other drives to (my predecessor spanned volumes across the two drives). I created a DOS volume that mirrored the old and made it active. With nssmu I successfully mirrored the Sys volume as well as Vol1 Vol2 and Vol3 onto the new drive.

This is where things got messed up. Wanting a more reliable system I disconnected the two old drives. In nssmu I broke the mirror. I then added a 2nd (matching) hard drive to mirror to. I should say slightly used as my predecessor used it for a few weeks in an experimental server. The pc booted to the new(er) 2nd hard drive and apparently over wrote my good sys volume as a mirror of the experimental server. It was now named sys_ar - I don't understand why this happened....

This is where I screwed up. I thought "ok, I'll just remirror from the orriginal drives again" so I pulled the 2nd new drive, reconnected the 2 old drives and once again it booted to the new SYS_AR volume which in turn wiped my old SYS partition :( I believe the other volumes are still intact though I can't actually verify that belief.

I hope that wasn't too confusing...

This wouldn't be such a big problem BUT this is the server that ran Backup Exec and it is/was the master replica. I can't just restore from a tape because Backup Exec isn't operational.

I I allow the server to boot on its own it just comes to a : prompt after a brief boot process. I have started the server with the -ns option and loaded config.ncf manually, no problem, I can loadlevel 1 and that works fine and it sets my server name to S-ADMIN-1 which is correct. When I try LOADLEVEL 2 it fails reporting there is no AUTOEXEC.NCF to be found. Obviously I know just enough to be a danger to myself....

I have farted around with some possible solutions like setting up a completely new server and adding vol 1 2 & 3 to it so I can get my users up and running but am looking for advice from smarter people than I before wasting too much time.

Thanks for any help you can give!