I have a two-node OES1 Linux cluster running the iPrint service.

Right now, the cluster is on the old SAN and needs to be moved to the new SAN.

I've successfully moved the iPrint resource from the old SAN to the new SAN and the cluster works fine.

My problem is with the SBD partition. I'm trying to follow the advice in the documentation (Novell Documentation).
However the documentation does not describe how to remove the old SBD partition.

I've tried a few ways to do this but to no avail. Let me describe some of the steps I've taken:
1. Bring down the cluster and create the partition.
I've used the command 'cluster down' to bring down the cluster and ran 'sbdutil -c -d /dev/disk/by-name/36000ffadefo2' but the SBDUTIL seems to just hang there.

2. Use EVMSGUI to prepare the LUN
I've used EVMSGUI to prepare the LUN to become a SBD as described in the documentation. Then I did the same things in step 1 and got the same result.

After doing the above two steps, my guess is that the old SBD partition needs to be deleted. The only way I know to do so is through EVMSGUI. But I'm not sure which to delete. Should it be cluster.sbd_metadata, cluster.sbd, the MBR of the LUN or the segment manager.

Furthermore, if I used EVMSGUI to delete the SBD, it would form a cyclic dependency. EVMSGUI requires that NCS is running before it can acquire a lock on the LUNs. NCS needs the SBD for the cluster. In that case, how can EVMSGUI delete the SBD while the cluster is still running? Will it affect the cluster? Is there another way to delete the old SBD partition?

Is the old SBD partition preventing the cluster from creating a new SBD partition?