Not sure if this should be posted here, or in eDir.linux or somewhere

From reading, it seems that in a NetWare Tree, obviously SLP DA's are
supported on NetWare and you can add OES2 Linux servers in to the tree
and point them to the DA and life is good.

On a "Linux" Tree with SLP, it seems DA's are not supported on Linux.

Soooo. . .

What happens with my "NetWare" tree when I get to the NetWare servers
running my two DA's and I need to migrate them to OES 2 Linux?

If I'm reading correctly, it SEEMS that I would want to setup that OES2
Linux server as OpenSLP, create the DA, and point the other items to it.

Also, if I were to eventually replace EVERY NetWare server to be OES2
Linux, would I then have a "Linux" tree? (which also means DA's not
supported on Linux an an "SLP" setup)?

Unless I switch to OpenSLP?

But it seems OpenSLP has to be installed PRIOR to eDirectory?

(So do you then install OES2 and not select anything other than OpenSLP,
and then later re-add on all the other stuff like eDirectory, DNS, DHCP,