I currently have a problem with eDir 8.8 on one of my servers running OES2.
When freshly started everything runs like a charm, but every once in a while the ndsd process gradually starts taking more and more memory until about 30-35 % of the server memory is used up and ndsd dies with a segmentation fault. ( 30% of 12 GB memory is a LOT for one process )
The ndsd.log only shows the segmentation fault, no other lines that could indicate what's going wrong. A ndstrace on LDAP also gives no details that could indicate what's going wrong.

I've seen this after 30 days of good operation, but also after 5 days, so it's not to be pin-pointed to an exact amount of time.

OES2 64bit is fully patched, except for the Sles10SP2 wich is not to be applied.
Current installed version of edir RPM's is :


The server is a fileserver also running iprint and LDAP provider for several external services. 2 other servers running the exact same configuration (except for iprint and external LDAP requests) do need seem to suffer the same issues.

Anyone got a clue what to look for ?

(sorry for double posting this in eDir and OES2 thread, but i'm really looking for an answer or clue to solve this)