I have been creating a bundle to shut PCs down at a certain time and have come accross a problem. The bundle is just a empty file bundle with a launch action to shutdown the PC at 16:30 with a warning message to users and a timeout of 5 minutes.

If a user is loged into the PC is shuts down fine with the warning message displayed.

If a PC is at the login screen it doesn't shutdown, but as soon as you login the warning message appears telling you that the PC is going to shut down.

I have also tried this manually by finding the PC in the Devices on the ZEN Console and telling it to shut down and if it is on the login screen is does nothing but as soon as you login it tells you it is going to shutdown.

Just as a final thing the screen saver has been disabled in the reg and doesnt run at the login screen.

Current setup
Vista Enterprise SP1 32Bit.
ZCM 10.0.3
Novell Client 1.0 SP5