While installation of the OES2 iPrint client for Windows works well, I haven't succeeded to get the iPrint Client for Linux to to work yet on neither openSUSE 10.3 nor on openSUSE 11 using the following procedure:

Connects to the OES2 Linux web page with a web browser
Select "Client Software"
-> iPrint Install Printers
Select the available "Lexmark-C912" printer software
The iPrint client is not installed. Do you want to install it now?

Saved the iPrint Client and then installed it using

# rpm -ivh novell-iprint-xclient.i586.rpm

Afterwards, the "iPrint client Listener" is found on the program menu and can be started.
But trying to print from any application, still only the default Postcript printer is available.

Is there something more that has to be configured to find and use the iPrint printer?