My client has a very very old netware 3.12 server and it's on it's last legs. They have 15 Dos 6.22 IPX terminals connecting to the 3.12 server via boot disks. This weekend we installed a new server running Netware 6.5. All whent well creating bindary print queues, login scripts, copying data over, etc. When we tried connecting the Dos 6.22 IPX clients we found that the terminals will run the login scrip and map the relative drives, but refuse to startup the relative application which should be initiated by batch file as soon as the terminal logs on to the server.

Once logged in from the terminals we tried running the batch file manualy but only received "Batch file missing". We also realised that everything in the MSDOS\ver6.22 folder would not execute and if tried would generate the following error "cannot execute [whatever file we tried]".

We have checked that the permissions are set to Supervisor/Administrator on the MSDOS\ver6.22 folder.
We have also placed the MSDOS\ver6.22 folder on it's own 2gb volume seeing that SYS vol is 4gb.

The Windows XP clients on the network that logon to the NDS have no problem running this batch file. However the major issue is with the Dos 6.22 IPX clients logging onto the bindary context that are unable to execute any file in the MSDOS\ver6.22 folder causing any batch file that is run from the terminal to fail.

Can anyone please shed some light on this for me. I need to get this Netware 6.5 server up asap.

Thank you.