Just got this from Seti@home, and while some of you might have gotten the same
thing, I thought it wouldn't hurt to post...

From their email:
> Arecibo Observatory, the world's largest radio telescope and the source for
> the SETI@home data that your computer analyzes, faces massive budget cuts that
> will END its ability to continue the search for life beyond Earth. The
> decision to ensure full funding currently rests upon votes in Congress on
> Senate Bill S. 2862 and House Resolution H.R. 3737. These bills desperately
> need more support.
> Please take a moment to help us SAVE ARECIBO.
> Clicking the link below will direct you to a web page that allows you to print
> out letters prepared for your Senators and Congressional Representative urging
> them to support Arecibo. Printing and mailing the letters is really easy, too!
> You will also have the chance to add a few personal thoughts, if you wish, to
> let your Senators and Representative know why this funding is important to
> you! And if you're really feeling passionate about saving Arecibo, please
> use these letters as the basis for letters you write yourself, urging your
> congressmen and women to vote to save Arecibo.
> Because our representatives in Congress rarely give much attention to all the
> email they receive, printing out and MAILING these letters via standard U.S.
> Postal mail remains our best option for contacting them and our best hope for
> saving Arecibo (The second best option is to call your representatives). Your
> 42 cent stamps on these letters could help us get the millions of dollars
> needed to save Arecibo.
> Our search cannot continue without the necessary support. Your work, as
> SETI@home participants, represents an indispensable resource for conducting
> the search. Now, we need your help to ensure that our other most valuable
> resource - our eyes and ears to the cosmos - can continue to probe the
> universe as we seek to answer the question: Is there anybody out there?
> http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/arecibo_letter.php
> Thank you for your help,
> The SETI@home Team