I thought I followed the docs correctly in the OES2 section D.3.1 for "converting" my LVM stuff to be managed by EVMS

However, after the reboot, all I got was a $ prompt, so I probably did something wrong (this is in vmware so I can abuse it all day and revert to my snapshot)

I'm fairly confident i did the parts correctly to the editing of the fstab.

My setup only has three partitions:

/ = /dev/sda2
/var = /dev/sda3
/swap = /dev/sda1

All ext3
No "/boot"

Section 3 of the 'editing the boot load' shows a space between the /sda, mine did not have the space, so I'm asuming it shouldn't have a space (ie, should show up as /dev/evms/sda2 for boot in my case, not: /dev/evms /sda2 like the docs show)

Forcing RAM disk, I see three items in evmsn, I'm assuming that's normal given my setup

But when I reboot the system it says it can't find dm_mod or /dev/evms/sda2 for some reason.