My company uses HTC S730 and omse people wanted to sync Calendar and Mail in another way then ActiveSync, using Mobile Server 2.

So i set out and downloaded GMS 2 for Linux, since this is part of our NOWS license. The install on the Linux (SLES10SP2GM) went smoothly, and setting up de server plus Bordermanager was easy.

Then we went to http://ourdomain/install and teh HTC started asking the usual questions:

- login
- download client or have it smsed
- After this, syncclient.cab seems to be installing.
- At some point, another login screen is shown, where is have to enter server/user/pass.

This is where is goes wrong, and unfortunately, the message is in dutch, but i will try to translate it to english:

"Zoeken naar configuratiebericht"

roughly translated into: Searching for Configuration Message"

THis message will NOT go away, and nothing works anymore. I have to remove the sync software for the startup folder and then reboot the HTC.

I have tried so much, but nothing works.

Can anyone help me?