I use ZLM 7.2.

I try to deploy SAPGui to SLED 10 SP2 Workstations.
I created a custom RPM with Alien.

tar zcvf sapgui.tgz /opt/sapgui
alien --description="Custome SAPGui 7.10.4" --version=7 -r sapgui.tgz
When I check my rpm with

rpm qlp sapgui-7-1.noarch.rpm
I see that everything looks ok.

I created a bundle and assigned it to a catalog. From the managed device I installed sapgui with the command rug in sapgui. The process works fine.
But rug installs sapgui at the root of the filesystem (/) and not in /opt.
If I manually install the rpm with rpm -i sapgui then everything is fine.

Is that a known bug? Or maybe I make a mistake?