Hello everyone,

As I went about trying to get Office 2007 to install, I read with
interest all of the posts here on how to get the installation files
onto the local hard drive. This allows the setup.exe to be run as
System user from the local machine.

After upgrading to 10.0.3, just as a test I built a File Bundle which
performed an Install Directory action on the Office 2007 installation
folder. This was to see if it worked under 10.0.3. Remarkably, it
worked fine, retaining all of the directory structure.

I then created a simple Windows app bundle to run the setup.exe
program and added an Install Directory Launch action, identical to the
one in the File Bundle that had worked perfectly.

To my surprise, this did not work! As reported here by others, it
mangled the Office install directories, losing all structure. The
setup.exe, of course, failed.

Hmm, what to do? Well, the File Bundle I had built with an Install
Directory Launch action had worked perfectly. So, in the Windows app
bundle, I replaced the Install Directory Launch action with an Install
Bundle Launch action. I pointed it to the File Bundle I had tested and
knew worked.

And voila! The install files deployed correctly and the setup.exe ran

While this is an easy work-around, I'm curious as to why the Install
Directory action works in a File Bundle but fails in a Windows app