I've hit a snag in my ZCM deployment.

We have ten geographically separated locations, including one central office. These sites are connected with high speed WAN links, in a hub and spoke config - with the central office being the hub.

My original ZCM design included one management zone, with the primary server located at the CO and a ZCM server at each site.

This seems to create a problem - as ZCM seems to need access to the ZCM Database at all times. If my CO (or WAN) goes down DLU stops working for ALL of our workstations. There are other services effected too, but DLU is a show stopper - as people can't get past the login screen.

I'm stuck here... I want the benefits of a single management zone with the redundancy that comes with a multi zone ZCM design.

What I need is for my sites to provide services like DLU in the event that the CO is down. Non-critical services like inventory and even remote management could be overlooked if my users could just login.

This just wasn't an issue with ZFD.

Any thoughts/ideas??