I've been trying to install ZDM services on a OES2 server and have been having all sorts of trouble. After numerous reinstalls, I've decided to install the parts one at a time until I found what wasn't working, and it ends up being the Inventory Database. I have performed a new install of the Inventory Database only, it creates the object in ConsoleOne, I can configure the properties of it, but when I try to do the Tools->Zen Inventory-> Configure DB, I keep getting a message saying that it is unable to connect, check database properties and make sure that it is running.

The only property that I have changed is changing the server name from DNS address to IP address, nothing else. I've checked the services on the server and novell-zdm-sybase is running, but I'm not seeing any log files in /var/log/novell/zenworks, only the logs from installation. Any ideas at where I should be looking next? Thanks!