We just installed our first BM 3.9 server, and I've created some access
rules with rule hit logging enabled. I would like to be able to view
these log hits in NWadmin as I have in the past, but I've read
conflicting reports about whether this is possible. Craig Johnson's
BorderManager Lite guide states, "Indexed (and Access Control) logs are
the only kind of log files that can be viewed (or exported) in the
NWADMN32 logging screens." On the other hand, I have also read other
posts saying that the rule hit logs can only be accessed through Novell

I've tried accessing the logs with NWADMN32 running from the new server,
but no log hits are ever found. Is it possible to do this (how?), or do
I really have to install and configure auditing? Thanks.

Jim Wagner