I am busy migrating a nw 3.12 server to nw(oes2)6.5. All terminals are Dos 6.22 and I am using VLM.The redirection of printers is the last bridge I need to cross, but I am batteling. I have terminals that run network printers. Now I believe I need to use NPRINTER instead of RPRINTER , which I am doing and when I manualy run NPRINTER it actualy picks up the printer and I can hear the printer "kicking in". The command I am using, where the printserver is COMPPS and the printer number is 5, is:


Although the command completes without errors and running NPRINTER actualy shows that printer 5 is taken, network printing is not happening and if other terminals try to print to the network printer they get an error that the printer can't be found. Is there any other commands that I need to run in my autoexec.bat to get network printing working.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Mirco Ellis