I'm migrating cluster servers where I have DNS and SLP running as
clustered resources. Setup for this was done following this

I have C1 1.3.6h and patch installed, and have also tried opening up
the NCP server objects using C1 at the server console on a fresh
install of 6.5sp7 from an overlay CD set. Have also tried looking at
the NCP server object using iMangler. I am unable to open the NCP
server object and modify the properties I need to change in order to
have SLP and DNS fail over properly to the new servers, which had to
be created M$-style (rip and replace) as SCMT1.2 did not seem to be
able to perform a successful migration of the dib.

So, where can I find the C1 snapin I need, or the iMangler plugin that
will do the same job?