Netware 6.5
ZFD 7 SP1 (Hot Fix 3?? the one from May time I think this is the latest)
eDir 8.8.2
3 x Node Netware Cluster with a Infortrend SAN

We use NFS to backup our 3 Node Netware Cluster (using RSnapshot) and
for Students to Mount their homedrives via NFS (to allow Roaming of the
desktop under linux....)

We also run ZEN Imaging from the same 3 Node cluster.

Today I have been setting up PXE (previously we used REMBO)

However I came across the problem that the PXE PMAP.NLM tries to use
port 111 which is also in use by NFS

I found a tid from 1995 which gave the brilliant solution of don't run
NFS and ZEN PXE, unfortunately that is not really a viable solution.

Does anyone know if Novell has a fix for this? (It has been 3 years
since the problem was noticed ;) )


Thanks in advance