Sorry if this isn't the forum for this. I thought I might as well try.
We have a test BB cable connection here @ work in case the T1s are lost.
The provider is cox and I am pretty sure that it is a business account and 5 IP addresses are included. So the line goes from the cable modem to an Cisco ASA, then to an 1811 router which provides several vlans.
The inside DNS is done by a W2k3 server, very simple. One zone for inside hosts and the rest is forwarded to the Cox DNS. It seems that only one machine can browse at a time. If I change the Gateway on the w2k3 server from the router to the ASA, it can then browse, but change it back to the router then the client can browse but the W2K3 server cant do anything. Is this a case where each PC needs a static address from Cox to do anything?
We thought it was DNS but now I think it is that.
thanks for any ideas or help,