ive got some problems with ZENworks Endpoint Security Management.
First i installed Version
In this Version i was able to connect via LDAP to our eDirectory.
And I was allowed to log in with my users to the Management Console (But only with LDAP Syntax (cn=username,ou=technik,o=gne for example)).
In this Version it was noch poosbile to browse through the ldap with the managmenct console.
To get users in the Managemant Console i tryed to looged in at the MC, get the message that im not allowed to login in and than i relogin with allowed user; at this moment i wa able to configure rights for the first user.
One other Problem was the connection from a client pc to the ZESM Server.
The checkin failed and the client never logged in the distribution server.
Then today i updated to
Now, im not able to connect to edir.
I've got an new wizard for configure my connection but when i put the infomrations in the fileds (Name: test-connection; Hostname: 172.xxx.yyy.zzz; Port: 389) i get the error-message: "DsGetDcName failed".

Can anyone please help me.

Thank you.

Regards - Philipp