Prior to moving from GW6.5 NetWare to GW 7 Linux, we asked all users to
recover their documents from the Default Library (which was not meant to be
used)! We successfully migrated to Linux, deleting the Library to ensure
that nobody used DMS again. Two months later, it appears that a couple of
important documents exist in the old Library.

Not to worry, we still have the the file system. I have built both Windows
and NetWare virtual machines and grafted on the Old Mail System. We never
used the GW passwords, so I have reconfigured the system to use LDAP
authentication. When I connect with the client, can see the document
references, but receive E811 messages when trying to connect.

I have done gwcheck Documents, Content & Fix, which extracts the Documents
in a nice Tree, but gwdocnam.exe complains that the log file is in the
incorrect format (mind you the util was written for GW55). The
documentation suggests that the files are uncompressed, but if I rename the
documents to the type in the gwcheck.log, then they cannot be opened.

Anyone got any ideas what to do now?