We need to migrate our NW6.5 server running DirXML Starter pack (1.11) to a new server (actually on VMWare Server). What is the best way of transfering the Netware stuff without breaking DirXML? I realy really dont want to mess up DirXML as I will shortly be looking at Identity Manager instead - we just need to get rid of the old HW.

I have been considering copying all files to the new server (on another volume), backing up trustees and edirectory, and then bring up the new server up with the same IP, name, and eDir as the old server - and then seeing what files are needed for DirXML - and moving bits needed back from the full backup taken.

Will this work? Is there a better way to do the P2V (a free way - as this is the only Netware server we need to P2V)?


Jan GIlhooley
Senior IMT Support Officer
Sheffield PCT