Well what's going on with Jay Zie?

Well I found a new job and started it... Making a nice coinage so I am
happy. Oh I am engaged. I bought a house in South Eastern PA so Good Bye
Jersey AGAIN... That thing with my ex... Is DONE and everything was
dropped YaY Me. Me and Jess are doing great...No, NOT PREGGO... So don't
even ask. Feltonian missed me and so did lunker. I will be back to grace
the forums with my funnyness and stuff... I haven't smoked in a bout 1
hour. I still teach at Chubb now they moved me from SLES to Cisco. Oh I
work for a company that makes stuff for the US Government. I like just
being random. I need some furniture. I am getting a kitty today after
work and his name is EL Gato... That is soooooo fricken cool. Suzie
missed me too. Matt G I have no clue where he is... He never txts me
anymore. I need a beer. I won't get done work until 12am tonight... Then
Up at 6. SLES is way better than RHEL ES 5 but I am not complaining.
Clustering a server for Oracle is fun stuff. I love Jessi. I miss this
place. I should hang around. Is Shaun still alive?

Jay Zie.