Hi everyone,

I'm part of a team that put together NOWSSBE.org (http://www.nowssbe.org) The goal of our site is to provide the community of resellers access to open source applications that run on NOWS SBE.

We believe that a simplified linux framework is the most stable and cost effective platform for small businesses and that there are many open source application these businesses could leverage if they were easy to install and manage.

We've got a short list of application packaged using the NOWS SBE developer tool kit (Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition - Developer Community)

SugarCRM, Alfresco, MediaWiki, and coming soon Zimbra. All are in beta for NOWS SBE V1 SP1 or NOW SBE V2.

To gain access to our SBU files (uploadable NOWS SBE components) purchase your NOWS SBE 5 user licenses through the site. This will help us fund further development of these and other open source applications.

Finally, we're looking for feedback as to what other open source projects would be should be packaged?

Thanks for your support and feedback.