I am hoping someone has run into this same situation and can help me. Some of our users, use the IBM i-series client. With the Zenworks Agent installed, the "download data from i-series" option does not work anymore on the IBM i-series client. When I un-install the the zenworks agent (zfdagent.msi), all options of the i-series client work again. I double checked this several times, surely enough, if the Zenworks agent is installed, the IBM I-series client fails in this way. Here is what I have done so far:

- Re-imaged the workstation
- Installed the newest version of the zenworks agent
- Installed the newest novell client
- Un-installed and reinstalled office (Since the i-series download can be used in excel)
- tried re-configureing the agent with less options
- Scrubbed the registry of zenworks entries and reinstalled the client
- re-installed the i-series client
- Installed a new version of the i-series client

none of these options remedied the problem, only un-installing the agent fixes the problem...I need zenworks for these machines, leaving the agent off, is not an option for me..or I don;t want it to be, please help.