I have the following issue and hopefully someone will be able to tell me why I cannot inventory all machines.On both a centralize standalone install and a enterprise install of ZAM 7.5 on win 2003 & SP1 with SQL 2005.

I have the ZAM clients manually , install script and through ZEN deployed to WINDOWS XP & Vista, Mac & LINUX machines. They are all pointing to the collector server as the ZAM server when going to management shows that it has found the machines and they are registered.


When restarting the machines,collector agents or collector service they all still do not report their inventory.Thus I cannot report on their Software or hardware at all even though they all show up on ZAM and are registered automatically just from the client application talking to the server.

Special things to note

1) The machines that are within the servers workgroup , have the same admin account and password, all report successfully to each other.
2) I have machines in different domains and allot of workgroups.No common user account between them
3) I have one collector server
4) THe firewall has been opened for traffic both ways for all computers to the server on port 7460 to port 7465.
5) the filestore has been set to allow everyone to read/write
6) The collector server`s collection service and also the task schedule service as both running under a account called ZAM (this is also the admin user account and common to the machines within the workgroup)
7) I can create and run the collection agent service as the user account mentioned in point 6 on all machines (in diffrent domains and workgroups) but the inventory still cannot be populated into zam.

* The option to have a collection server for each workgroup or domain is out of the question as we have about 7 Lab Workgroups , 40 Staff work groups and then also the domains to cater for.